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Kim Goldstein - No Rhyme or Reason

Kim Goldstein - No Rhyme or Reason

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Kim Goldstein 
No Rhyme or Reason
Acrylic paint, charcoal, oil stick, crayon, on paper
12 x 16 Inches
Painting comes unframed

Kim is an abstract artist living near Baltimore, Maryland. She loves the freedom of expression that abstract art allows. Kim enjoys using strong color and mark making in her work and never starts a painting with a plan or sketch. Some people have said they feel intimidated by the blank canvas or page, but Kim sees it as a foundation for limitless possibilities. Anything can happen. We may not always like the outcome but each painting gives us an opportunity to learn and grow and should not be looked upon as wasted time and energy. We can connect with our inner child through abstraction and we should give ourselves the freedom to explore art without a long list of “rules”. Some of the best art has been made by people who ignore the rules. There is only one you, and each individual has their own unique self to share with the world, whether through painting, writing, song, dance or photography or any other creative outlet. Art is about your journey. Kim feels that abstract art is how she can best express that journey without words.

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