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Malet Roquefort Comtesse Bordeaux Blanc 2020

Malet Roquefort Comtesse Bordeaux Blanc 2020

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The family de Malet Roquefort has been living in Saint-Emilion since 1705. Owner of several vineyards (Bordeaux and Saint Emilion AOC) and the famous Château La Gaffelière, 1st Growth. They are proud of their roots and their diverse terroirs. The wines are well-known for their elegance. Comtesse de Malet Roquefort is mainly elaborated from the vineyards of the family.

Area: From Family estate and partners on right bank
Soil: Clay & Silicious
Majority of Sauvignon and Sémilion.
Average age of the Vines
25 to 30 years
Blend 2018
70% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Semillon

Simple guyot pruning. The ranks are worked every two
rows to promote rooting and the aeration of the soil.
Stripping, thinning, and sorting of the grapes by density.

Vinification in stainless-steel temperature-controlled tanks

AGING: In tank

PRACTICING SUSTAINABLE (Integrated Agriculture)