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Tevza Goruli Mtsvane Kartli 2019

Tevza Goruli Mtsvane Kartli 2019

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Wisconsin state law prohibits shops from shipping or selling alcohol online. This product page is for reference only. To purchase this wine, please come visit the gallery in person.  Thank you for your business & supporting local!

Goruli Mtsvane is an endemic variety from Kartli region of Georgia. The name means "green one from Gori", a city located in Kartli. Not to be confused with mtsvane from Kakheti which is an entirely different variety! Goga Tevzadze, the winemaker at Tevza, is on a mission to explore, preserve and promote indigenous varieties from Kartli but with his own spin. This particular year he did a very long time with the skins and the wine came out a lovely amber, with pithy tannin almost like a wine from Kakheti. This is a wine that loves food AKA our favorite kind of wine!

Grapes are handpicked at optimalr ipeness and gently transported from 14-year-old vineyards (40km distance) to Tevza Winery and directly crushed into qvevri. Wild fermentation starts at the room temperature. Spontaneous fermentation stops when wine is dry, which is followed with natural MLF fermentation. After analyzing and tasting the wine we fill up each individual Qvevris from the r