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Trumies Strawberry

Trumies Strawberry

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In downtown Chippewa Falls from 1957-1972, locals often gathered at Trumie’s Bar. The bar was located four blocks from the Chippewa River Distillery, and was owned by Trumie Schneider, Kurt’s grandfather. Trumie was a hard-working man who took good care of his family. He was also very fun-loving and social – it was not unusual for him to invite a large group of people to dinner on a whim (much to his wife’s surprise). He was known for playing jokes on people. One prank that locals still remember is the silver dollar he had embedded in the tile on the floor of his bar. He was entertained by watching customers try unsuccessfully to pick up the silver dollar.

Don’t we all have a little bit of Trumie in us? Cheers!

ORIGIN: Chippewa Falls, WI

ABV: 40.00